Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dear East Peoria High School,

What, exactly, is the purpose of expelling students who test positive (via urine sample) for the use of marijuana? Is the fact that you can pull kids randomly out of class and have them pee in a cup supposed to act as a deterrent?

FYI. It's not working.

Each year you drug test and expel more and more students. Are you testing more students? Are more students testing positive? Are you trying to get rid of a certain element at your school?

It's not working.

In fact, I would venture a guess that it's having the OPPOSITE effect. Because students, even infrequent weed smokers, know you're all full of shit. These students know you don't pull a name out of a hat and drug test them. How do they know this? Because the kids you DO test were probably getting high with Susie Cheerleader and Johnny Quarterback over the weekend.

And I think it's not even a little bit of a coincidence that the kids you seem to enjoy drug testing just happen to come from families who don't fit the bill of the ideal family. They come from the "bad" part of town.

Furthermore, because of your fucking ridiculous random drug testing policies, many students are turning to even more dangerous ways to get high. Robo-trippin'? Triple C? Stealing Mom's Xanax? Huffing Glade air freshener? Chugging a 5th of UV Blue? Yeah. Cuz, see, those sorts of things don't show up on your piss tests. And that's exactly what's happening.

I HOPE my boys have the restraint and skills to not succumb to peer pressure when they go to East Peoria High School. But, I'll tell ya what, I sure as hell would prefer they rebel and experiment by smoking a bowl on a Saturday night instead of popping 30 cold medicine tablets or drinking a couple bottles of OTC cough syrup.

Get your heads outta your asses, school board. How many of you coulda passed a piss test in 1985?


Katie said...

Wow...I'm not sure if it's appropriate to applaud or not. Well said!

Emerge Peoria said...

Interesting you should write this at this time. I am so opposed to random drug checking on kids, the "random" ish is just way to subjective.

I had a person tell me recently about all of the drugs in Dunlap High School - and they don't do drug testiing. This person has told me that petty crime and drug issues are so bad there, that she would recommend that anybody thinking Dunlap High School is better than a District 150 high school may want to look past the hype.

It appears that our teenagers are troubled all over the place and the "adults" in charge don't have a clue.

You ask how many could have passed a piss test in 1985? I question how many of them [adults in charge] could pass a piss test today?

Mahkno said...

Research has shown that drugs are an equal opportunity offender. Income level and one's position on the social ladder make no difference in the propensity to use drugs. I totally believe that drugs are probably widespread in Dunlap and 'better off' place. Sure was that way when I was in school.

A poor kid on the south side is no more likely to take up drugs than his Dunlap counterpart.

Mahkno said...

* and other 'better off' places.