Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have allergies. Over the counter allergy medicine doesn't work. Period. I use an inhaler when my allergies get bad. When that doesn't work, I have a steroidal inhaler I have to use. Clearly my allergies not good.

I take generic Allegra for my allergies. I have taken this medicine for years and it's the only thing that controls my crazy histamines. My dose is 180mg and I take a pill in the morning and at night.

I've been doing this for YEARS. And just had my prescription refilled last month.

Can you guess where this is going????

I'm outta my medicine so I went online to and order a refill. When I got to my neighborhood pharmacy I'm told that my insurance no longer covers this drug. Huh? I remind the tech that the script was filled last month, what happened?

Then she says, well, you INSURANCE company wants to check with your doctor about the dose. Again, it's the same as it's been forever.

But no. I can't get my medicine because my INSURANCE company wants to call and question my doctor (who WROTE THE SCRIPT).


This is the same INSURANCE company for whom I negotiated a lower price on my children's ultra-expensive medicine last year, but they wouldn't enter an agreement with the homecare company to put that lower price in place. (Thereby missing out on an opportunity to save TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.)

So, hopefully I won't have a bad reaction (lately I've been having reactions to foods...weird) and end up in the hospital. I'd hate to think that in an effort to cut costs on my medication, they'd end up having to cover the cost of an ER visit.

But hey. This is America. We have the best healthcare in the world. No need for insurance reform. None at all.


Ramble On said...

Thank goodness I only take 2 medications. Both available in generic form. I get a three-month supply for a total of $34 at Kroger Pharmacy. I don't even bother with the insurance. The co-pay would be just as much, if not more! Have to love our system.

Rixblix said...

I can't help think that because I've been back to the doctor and have had a bunch of tests and stuff (way more than usual) that there's a gold star on my account or something. Grr....