Monday, January 18, 2010

Begone, Dressers

I'm fixated. This happens periodically.

My fixation of the last several months is on how much I hate dressers. High-boys. Chiffarobes. Armoirs. Chest of drawers. I'm very much over them. They take up too much space. I've never met anyone who can fit all their clothes in one, let alone two.

My kids' dressers always look like they are throwing up...clothes, boxer shorts, pants...always hanging out.

I want all of our closets to be "California Closets". It makes so much more sense. Only about 1/2 of a typical closet really is utilized. Why don't builders just build closets with upper and lower closet rods as well as an upper and lower shelf? That stupid shelf that sits above the closet rod is a waste...pile stuff too high and it falls over. Pile sweaters reasonably high and there's still a good six inches of wasted space.

It's stupid.

And closet doors? I'm against them too. So far I've removed the doors from my room and from my youngest son's room. I've hung fabric panels. I tell ya, once you take the closet doors off a bedroom cloest? Holy space in there! I couldn't believe how much room is in there...we only see 1/2 a closet at a time.

I cant afford to pay for the kind of closet system I want right now, so I've settled for moving my dresser into my closet, taking the door off, and hanging fabric panels. It's freed up room to add my rocking chair in my room. (The rocking chair I tried to give away a year ago but the boys threw a fit because it's their 'rock-a-rock' chair.)

I moved my youngest's dresser into his closet too which has freed up a ton of room.

The biggest issue with eliminating the dressers is that my dresser was my Grandmother's and is part of a bedroom set. I'm still using the vanity and the bed is at my mom's. My husband's dresser and my youngest's belonged to my husband's Uncle (and namesake) and my oldest's dresser was my mother-in-law's and, in turn, my husband's. So, we have this bulky furniture that has all sorts of sentimental value. We have no basement (split-foyer homes suck) and my Mr. Rix says I can't put anything else in our shed.

My answer is that we should move to a bigger house with a basement. That solution has not been very well received.


Katie said...

I was just checking out closet organizers for my kids yesterday. I desperately want to re-do their closet so I can get rid of their dressers too!

Emerge Peoria said...

Rix dressers come in handy to put all your pretty perfume bottles on top. :)

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