Wednesday, January 13, 2010

" "

Things I've heard/overhead so far this semester:

"Dude. Faygo is the woop woop."

"When I was a kid, I pulled my eyeball out to ------------> here, the let it spring back in my eyeball socket"

"My back hurts so bad." "Do you need a back rub?" "I don't need a back rub I need a fuckin' pill."

"We totally drank a handle of vodka this weekend."
[a "handle" means those big quart bottles with the built in handle]

"I know I've dug a hole for myself. And my hole just gets bigger."

"I can't poop in that bathroom. I need the other bathroom for pooping."

"Dude, I have a snake. My neighbor had a python but it got loose. I found it in the creek and I took that fucker home. Now it's mine." "You gotta watch out, a python will eat a cat." "Yeah, mine ate my cat last week."

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Katie said...

It's like "All in a Day's Work" without the Reader's Digest! :)