Monday, December 14, 2009

Give him a chance....**UPDATED**

I have a former student who had been previously diagnosed as ADD. As my fellow teachers and I got to know him, it seemed like maybe there was something else going on. He was eventually diagnosed with some significant mental health issues and is now properly medicated and back in his "home" school and on the honor roll.

I just received word that he had tested positive for marijuana, received a 10 day suspension and will face expulsion.

Really? This kid had 4 months back in his "home school". By all accounts, he was far more successful that the staff at his high school expected. His grades are good, behavior is good and he's doing well. But, for some reason, he was subjected to a "random" drug test. I highly question the "randomness". I suspect that his previous transgressions (in another district) played a role in all this. Never mind how great he's been doing for the whole semester.

I sure hope his school board can be convinced to give him a 2nd chance and put him on an abeyance contract. This boy has worked soo hard and gone through an awful lot to get his head together.

I'm awfully grateful that these kinds of measures were not in place when I was in school.

**UPDATE** I've been told that my former student will, indeed, have a 10 day suspension (as he should) but rather than be expelled, he will be offered an intervention contract. I know he'll take it...I hope this is just a blip on the road for him.

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