Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miracle on George Street

I hereby attest that all I am about to write is true. I have many witnesses (several of whom wish a video tape was running so that we'd be in the running for 100K on America's Funniest Home Video.)

I have to give a little back story....

Back story part one: A good friend donated a butt load of Christmas decorations and other school supplies for my school, back near the actual holiday. Included in the donation were several children's books. I held on to the books and stuck 'em in a bag for another good friend. The bag was in the back of my "Scooby" van for months. Then when we purchased our new van, I just moved the bag to the back of the NEW van.

Back story part two: #2 son is an animal lover and received a small fishtank for Christmas last year. He's had several fish (goldfish) but as is the case with goldfish, they don't stick around long. We came to call his aquarium "The Tank of Doom". We told him that once the last fish died, he could give reptiles a try. (We had a 4' iguana named Angus up until #1 was born).

Of course, once we made that edict, the last fish wouldn't die. WOULD NOT DIE. "Tom" hung around forever. We finally decided that Tom should go and live at Grandpa Ron's house in his little fish pond.

Now for the real story.

We were at my parents last weekend and dropped Tom into his new environs. He was quite happy. #2 was happy because now this means that he can get a little lizard for his room

Well, I remembered that those books were in my van and since my little nephews were visiting, too, I decided to see if Drew and Lou would like any of them. As I'm going through the bag of books (that's been in one car or another since December), I notice that there's a little plastic lizard in the bag. So, to be silly, I picked up the lizard and sorta went "OH! There's a lizard in the bag" to freak the little ones out.

They didn't notice the 'plastic' lizard so I reached over to grab it and IT WAS ALIVE!!!!! It was a real, live lizard. It started running across the carpet. I screamed, my sister screamed, my brother jumped up and put his foot on it to keep it from running away.

So, if you're following.... we told #2 that he couldn't have a lizard until we got rid of his fish Tom and on THE SAME DAY we gave Tom to Grandpa, we FOUND A LIZARD.

#2 was sure that this was a Miracle.


MiddleAgedWomanBlogging said...

That is hilarious! I'm psychic you know, and I knew your son wanted a lizard so badly that I conjured up all the lizard energy I could to make it happen!

Merry Christmas! I am off now, to get rid of any more boxes of books from my house!!

Themis said...

LMAO! Good thinking, MAWB!

Mary said...

Please clarify: "my brother jumped up and put his foot on it to keep it from running away." And he didn't hurt it and now it is a new pet? Just making sure? What kind of a lizard is it? That is crazy, a miracle I guess. :)

Rix said...

Thanks, Mary, now you're going to make me tell the depressing ending, huh? :) John (my bro) may have squished it a little, but it didn't seem so. We used the goldfish bowl that we'd brought Tom in. The lizard seemed fine. We tried to keep him warm overnight. When we woke up, Mr. Rix and the boys found the lizard belly up in the little water dish...we thought he was doomed. But no, after being flipped back upright, he was still breathing. We figured he was cold so as we drove south to Streator, we kept the thing in the window to stay warm. We also thought that keeping him on the dashboard as we visited with my mother-in-law would keep him VERY warm.

And it did keep him warm. So warm that he turned crispy.

That is the end of the story. Except now we have to go by #2 a lizard because he had one for 12 hours and now he's SURE he knows how to take care of one.