Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things They Left Out

We read all the books.

We've gone to all the conferences.

We've learned a lot.

But there are still a couple things we don't know.

For example:

You know how you suck the bottle and make it stick on your face...the whole suction thing?

Yeah. Hemo's bruise when they do that.

And yes, you can laugh. It's pretty sad. In a poor, sick, hemophiliac kid sort of way. (He's been sitting with an ice pack on his face all evening...his Halloween costume doesn't call for a weird purple mustache and he's way bummed out.)


Katie said...

Poor Nat! LOL!

Pammy said...

Gawd...I'm so glad ya said it's ok to laugh. But it doesn't happen to just "hemos"...not that I'd know...I'm sure it wasn't ME that did somethin similar when I was a kid...I think I heard about it somewhere. Yea. That's it. heh

Rixblix said...

It also reminded me that at some point I'm going to have to tell the boys that if a girl is ever sweet on 'em, they should probably they need to remind the ladies that hickeys are out of the question.

I can't what for them to start bringing girls home!!!!