Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, I know yesterday I said I was tired of this election bullshit. And it's not getting better. Especially now that my kids are being subjected to ridiculosity.

#2 (the younger - in 5th grade)came home from school yesterday and said that some kid got him "out" in four-square and then taunted him with "that's what you get, you Obama-lover!" The same kid pulled the same shit on the school bus. Along with "Why do you like Obama, he's just going to get shot." What the hell? My son also said "Mom, _____ said that Obama wants to kill babies." Nice.

#1 says that in social studies (7th grade) the teacher had the kids take a survey to see whose beliefs they were more closely aligned with. But the questions were phrased with a clear conservative bias. For example "Do you think Bush's tax cuts should be left alone or should taxes be raised?" and "Do you believe we are winning the war in Iraq or should we quit and bring our troops home?"

Thank goodness #1 had the good sense to tell the teacher that he thought the questions weren't very fair and that they didn't explain the candidates positions very well. I'm guessing he didn't get a very good daily grade.

Yes, my husband and I are liberal. But we don't sit at the dining room table and talk about how awful the other side is. If our kids say something nasty about McCain, we remind them that he served in the military and that he's a good man, we just disagree with him.

If 10 and 12 year olds are talking this way, it's no wonder there's such divisiveness among adults. It's truly disturbing.


i do not know me said...

How do the other kids know your son is an Obama supporter?

Rixblix said...

Because there have been several election related activities in which the children chose their preferred candidate.

EMERGE said...

That is unfortunate. Sorry to hear about that. Instead of being a learning experience for children it is turning negative.

The continued bickering on blogs and on television is amazing. It's like people can't stop.

Rixblix said...

Very true, Emerge. No longer is it acceptable to agree to disagree. The opposition must be attacked and destroyed as well as anyone who agrees with the opposition. Civility is dead.

Sarah said...

My daughter who is in 2nd grade came home and told me that her teacher told the class that Obama wants to send the soldiers home before the war is really over! I mean she got this from the other side too from her liberal teacher's assistant, but come on? Isn't the point of these "mock" elections to teach our kids about the election process? Not to shove the teachers believes down their throats?