Friday, September 10, 2010


We're getting ready to head to the football game tonight to watch Sam perform during halftime with the marching band. This will be the second time he's performed. The first halftime show was great!

However, we were MORE than shocked by the "pre-game" performance. Sam's high school mascot is the in Native American warrior. While they don't have some kid running around in a headdress or anything, it's still a bit troubling. Especially the warrior drumbeat and tomahawk chop as the players run onto the field. Mr. Rix and I stood stunned as we watched the entire cheer-leading squad, band and crowd do the 'ole chop action.

Sometimes I forget how completely backwards this area is. Seriously? It's 2010. And the cheerleaders have several cheers that include hollering "Red Raiders".

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. There are still a butt-load of people who are mad that Pekin High School changed their mascot from the Pekin Chinks to the Pekin 1980.

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