Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is a completely gratuitous blog post having nothing to do with Hemophilia. Or school. Or friends.

This is about male chest hair.

When I was younger and dating younger men, I was not a fan of chest hair. That was long before dudes waxed and shaved themselves. I can remember a couple guys I knew who DID rid themselves of body hair and they were mostly guys who were into body-building. Stubble on a chest is nasty.

So, I would like men...grown know that all us ladies know that a mature man is expected to have chest hair. And armpit hair. When I see a grown man with shiny, smooth body it's gross. It means that you are spending way, way too much time on yourself. And spending too much time on yourself means you're not spending it on your lady. Which is probably why you don't have a lady.

Call this my Chest Hair PSA.

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