Saturday, June 12, 2010


We finally got to meet the new hematologist at our Hemophilia Treatment Center here in Peoria. Our "old" one didn't renew his contract and when he jumped ship, he took virtually ALL of his staff and opened up a practice up the road.

I've never been as impressed with Dr. Tarantino as Dr. Tarantino is with himself and we've been quite disappointed by the customer service and lack of responsiveness to concerns we've had over the years. So, rather than following Dr. Tarantino to his new practice, we felt we owed it to the incoming physician to give him a chance.

Boy I'm glad we did. Dr. Wesly ran clinic much more like the clinic's we had in Milwaukee. When I asked if we could skip seeing the dentist, I was given no "push back". Previously, I'd shared with Dr. Tarantino's staff that have a dentist come in during comprehensive clinic was a waste of our time. #1's got braces, so, obviously we see a dentist regularly. Furthermore, one time the old coot told us that Nat didn't have any evidence of some permanent teeth coming in all over his mouth. $250 worth of x-rays later, our REAL dentist assured us that Nat won't end up a gummy mess.

Dr. Wesly spent an ENORMOUS amount of time talking with both boys. He actually talked TO them...asked them questions, complemented them on their independence, asked about their aspirations, hobbies, etc. His bedside manner is a welcome change from what we've experienced with Dr. Tarantino. It was great. And the boys really, really liked Dr. Wesly. Since they're getting older, it's vital that they learn to develop a good relationship with their practitioners; they must learn what they will look for in a physician and what qualities will make them comfortable. If they DON'T learn these things, it's quite likely that their adherence to whatever treatment plan they choose, will suffer.

Granted, Dr. Wesly does not have the same amount of experience treating patients at a hemophilia treatment center that Dr. Tarantino has/had. His new staff is learning the ropes as well. So, they don't get high marks for experience, per se. However, Dr. Welsy has long been a physician instructor. He has a PhD. He has studied with some highly regarded professionals.

I greatly admire any professional who is willing to admit what she doesn't know...and then can tell me what she'll do when she encounters a situation she's unfamiliar with. Humility. Hubris. These things are far, far more telling.

The very first hemophilia treatment center physician we ever saw is still a family friend. When I shared with her all that has been happening at the treatment center she established and pioneered decades ago, she gave me lots of good advice. One thing she said that stuck with me was that she could take a good doctor with good bedside manner, good instincts, good rapport and she could make that doctor a GREAT Hematologist. But it was almost impossible to take a poor physician/hematologist and make him better.

My gut is telling me that Dr. Osvaldo Wesly has the potential to make huge strides in proving the quality of life for consumers living with bleeding disorders in central Illinois.

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Katie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had a good experience with the new doctor!