Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My heart is so sad and heavy. I can hear Maureen's voice in my head. Her soft manner and gentle soul...

A very dear friend has days left with her family. It's been one of those awful stories that I hear of but have never experienced. She had an awful cough and hadn't felt well for weeks. Her husband insisted that she see a doctor.

Cancer. Lung, liver and brain...diagnosed late last spring. She fought hard and had a wonderful summer with her two daughters, son and daughter in law and my 'adopted' Uncle Wayne (a man with hemophilia who took my boys under his wing). Last week she fell at home and was admitted. The cancer has spread. Her feeding tube has been removed and she's in hospice.

All I can think about is my 40th birthday celebrated in Denver while at a hemophilia related event. Maureen bought me a cake and a funny t-shirt. Her daughters, Casey and Shannon...Wayne Jr.

There's supposed to be a reason and purpose for everything but I'm having one hell of a time figuring this one out.

I love you Maureen. I love you Wayne. I feel so helpless and pray that her days are not filled with pain.

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conniesue said...


I am sorry, I understand your pain. It's killing my neice and I feel so helpless just watching her go. Big hugs.