Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This month is our in between month. 5 years ago last month we sold our house up North and bought our house here. 5 years ago next month we will have officially relocated here.

5 years ago this month I was packing up our home preparing for a move.

6 years ago I thought our life was set.

I'm a jumble.


Katie said...

I'm really glad that you moved here. Life would not be nearly as fun if you hadn't! :)

EmergePeoria said...

Just from what I can take from your blog, it sounds like you have done a wonderful job of relocating your family, getting them acclimated and making a difference in your community.

You are entitled to be a jumble from time to time. Enjoy it (for a minute) and then... get back to work :)

Rix said...

Thanks, Katie. I'm so grateful you took the time to get to know me. And thanks, Emerge. This isn't where we thought we'd be but we're getting there!

s2010 said...

At some point I thought I knew what was up in the air and therefore I'd be able to handle, however it landed....but, of course, the stuff that was up in the air was not at all what I thought.

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