Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Little Dose of Nutty...

Goes a long way. But hey, who hasn't taken a ride on the crazy train now and then?

School's just around the corner and the kids are actually looking forward to it starting. Me? Not so much. My building's really hot without a/c. And since July has been more like Mid-October, I'm sure it'll actually be 95 IN October. We've also learned that our program's budget has been cut by 33%. How you cut 33% from nothing, I'm not sure.

Maybe we'll go without workbooks and worksheets this year. Oh wait. We don't use those anyway. Maybe we'll just go to "brown bag" lunches for our lunch program this year. Oh wait. We don't have a lunch program. Maybe we could cut back on copies and such. Oh wait, we don't have a proper copy machine.

Obviously very few of the people writing the budget actually have a clue about the programs they've gutted. I wonder how many of those folks in Springfield have ever actually visited a Regional Safe School Program. I'll bet I can count the number on no fingers.

Just a normal year in educating At-Risk Youth.

(P.S. The Crazy? I'm gonna Blame it on the moon...a full one's coming on Thursday)


Themis said...

See, I told you a full moon was near!

Connie said...

I am really not liking Gov Quinn at all.

EmergePeoria said...

Crazy? You think it's the full moon? You should hear the non-stop police sirens over here in my neighborhood. We even heard gun shots, while we were sitting in our beautiful backyard enjoying the full moon.