Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

We went "school clothes" shopping today. At least what my boys consider school clothes shopping. I left the store feeling a bit empty and unfulfilled.

No one cried. No one stomped out of the store. Not once did I hear "But that's UGLY". No piles of clothes on the dressing room floor.

We went to the shoe department, each boy found a pair of shoes they liked. They tried them on and that was that. One pair.

They each found a pair of shorts they liked, one shirt they liked a bag of new socks and proclaimed they were done.

I always knew boys had it easier than girls.


EmergePeoria said...

We are doing uniforms this year. Little One is excited (she doesn't know any better).

Uniforms are definitely a lot cheaper than skinny jeans and rock and roll t-shirts, but we still had to purchase skorts, shorts, polo shirts, short sleeve blouses and jive ass khaki pants. Yeah, I agree, boys are easier.

Themis said...

Yes, even men have it far easier. It must start at birth. The grandbabygirl always has more clothes than she could wear in a lifetime. The SO can wear the same suit so long as he changes his tie everyday and no one would ever notice. I don't have that luck. Women's suits have no such option. :(

Cameron said...

It's our general lack of caring that makes things easier :)

Jennifer said...

"I always knew boys had it easier than girls."

Shouldn't that read "parents of boys?" LOL.

I have a girl and I'll tell you, it's not easy. At all. She is so picky about EVERYTHING. Not just the clothes, but the bookbag, folders, etc.. Meanwhile my son will use whatever supplies I buy and has 4-5 of the very same Old Navy t-shirt that he pretty much wears everyday.