Friday, June 5, 2009


We tried to do that today.

See? Mr. Rix caught me a delicious bass. It doesn't quite reach the bottom of his untucked t-shirt (the gold standard for fish size).

I took that picture, turned around to put the camera on the picnic table and grab my pole (huh, huh) and Mr. Rix says "SHIT. I just cut my leg, can you hand me something?".

I tossed him a towel expecting a scrape. Nope, it's a gaping puncture wound.

So we had to leave.

He always has to make sure he catches the biggest fish.

(And, of course, he requested the nurse's outfit once we got home.)


Jimi said...

That's just a flesh wound isn't it? He had to stop fishing? LOL

Rix said...

Well, it was pretty deep, actually. He did let me know that when he succumbs to the flesh eating bacteria and loses a limb, it'll be all my fault for wanting "Family Time".