Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm here to announce the first ever "Peoria Area Blogger Awards".

I can't believe no one ever thought of this before. Maybe they did. I also need a nifty little graphic button to go along with these here awards, so someone needs to get on that.

At this time, I am accepting nominations as well as catagory names. I know lots and lots of bloggers in the area and am proud to call them friend, but there are probably a lot more I've never met.

Now, remember, these awards are all in fun and it's always an honor just to me nominated.

Here are some catagories I have in mind:

Best Looking blogger....based entirely on the picture posted on their "About Me" page

Funniest Blogger

Blogger I need a Dictionary to Keep Up With

The "Keep Me Out of It" Blogger

Biggest Ego Blogger

Blogger with the Foulest Mouth

Best Mommyblogger

Blogger Most Likely to be a Serial Killer (past, present or future)

Most Self-Important Blogger (that could also go to the Blogger with the Biggest Ego...)

Anyway, these are just a few. So, let's open this up for categories, first. Post your category possibilities in the comments section...anonymous posts are welcome, IP addresses will not be divulged.

(And I'm totally serious....)

Nominations will follow


EmergePeoria said...

How about best original graphics.
Best political graphics.

rixie said...

Very good, emerge. I was thinking of:

Most Relevant
Most Original

Thanks for playing along! This could be fun. We could have a big award ceremony...all online of course. That's where all my friends live. :)

Cameron said...

Can I nominate myself....for all of them? :)

Cameron said...

Wait...I probably shouldn't go for the mommyblogger award. ;)

rixie said...

(Oh, wait, I totally meant that in a non-stalker sort of way, too.)

MiddleAgedWomanBlogging said...

Great idea!!! It should be hilarious!

EmergePeoria said...

There must be a WTF Award.

Ramble On said...

In this cyberworld environment, do you really think it is safe?

Themis said...

I think I nominate Rixie for the Foulest Mouth Blogger Award. :)

Rix said...

Fuckin' A, Themis!

Brick said...

Results to be announced at a blogger bash?

Hmmm, I wonder who would win the coveted "Most Typos in a Blog" award.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Cory could take down Rix, in the foulest mouth catagory. Or maybe there should be a subcatagory of most creative use of foul language?

flam said...

What, no best flamingo blog? My Flock Rocks!!!

S2010 said...

Best (true) drunken story; one story per person. (I think Brad might have this one nailed.)

Peoria Anit-Pundit said...

Huh. I wonder....