Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've had some doozies hurled my way since I started teaching at the alternative school.

Today, though, was the best. So far.

A young man was sharing with me that he aspires to spend his adulthood in the World Series of Poker and make 12 Millioin Dollars.

I suggested that by bombing 7th grade math this semester, he didn't bring himself any closer to that goal.

He did not agree.

In fact, he called me:

The Cunt Who Pissed on His Dream

It's the last day of mom always told me that good things come to those who wait. She was totally right.


MiddleAgedWomanBlogging said...

You little heartbreaker, you!

Sarah said...

wow thats exactly what my ex husband told me right before he left me...but his dream was to sit at home and drink all day while his wife took care of the house and his children. : )

now that school is almost over for me and done for you..we MUST do lunch!

rixie said...

Then today a young man who is returning to his "home" school cried all morning because he says he's going to miss us all so much. The good makes the bad so much easier to take!

Themis said...

Seriously, a lawyer recently left Peoria with his wife and they moved to Vegas so he could play professional poker. Left his lease, his sign on his door, and just left. Seems he could make better money as a pro poker player than as a lawyer here in good ol' P-town. Quit pissing on kids' dreams. LOL

Miryam said...

okay, but what I want to know is: did you piss standing up? or sitting down?

Carey said...

This made me laugh a lot. You should frame that and put it up somewhere...