Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, I'm sitting outside enjoying the evening, the stars, the crisp air. And so are my neighbors. Not the next door neighbors, the yard or two away neighbors. They like to sit outside and listen to shitty music and drink Coors. Which is just fine. They are nice people.

Except the gentleman's voice carries more than I'm sure he's aware of. As a result, I sometimes hear some interesting things.

Tonight takes the cake.

It seems my neighbor is not fond to put this? "Scuba" diving?

And not only did I learn that it's not his favorite. I learned why. I am not happy that I now know he especially hates scuba diving in a fur coat. He'd prefer a wet suit.

I know you're asking why I'd continue to sit outside...well, I was on the phone.

And then I heard about the quality of his snorkel, how well it's been working lately, how much swimming he's been doing lately....


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Anonymous said...

You should leave an anonymous note in his mail box explaining what you heard and that he might not realize that his voice carries...... and while entertaining, you and all the rest of his neighbors now know his private business. Or is he the type of person who loves to brag to everyone?