Monday, November 17, 2008


Last week I spent a few days in Denver for a meeting. Since I can't come home empty handed, I found a couple little things for the boys and stuffed them into my carry-on.

I always check a bag because I never remember to buy tiny bottles of my shampoo and crap so I can't get them through security.

When we travel with the boys, though, we have a bag of only medical supplies...needles (of several sizes), syringes (ditto), a sharps container, tourniquets and the like. Despite carrying all that through security (send $10K worth of medicine and supplies under the plane? No.), we've never been stopped or pulled to the side. We always travel with a letter explaining why we have all that crap but security has never asked to see it. I just say "This bag has meds and supplies" and that's enough.

This time, though, I was not so fortunate.

I have to say that the Denver airport people are awesome. They are always so friendly! I got stopped at security. They looked and looked at my bag...then asked me to step to the side.

The X-ray lady pulled my souvenirs out of my bag - I told her they were for my kids. She said she'd have to call her supervisor over and check with him.

We met at the little metal table at the end of the line and I went to put my purse on it...he says "STEP BACK, NO HANDS BETWEEN HERE AND HERE" so, I stepped back...QUICKLY! Then he cracked up laughing and security lady scolded him for teasing me.

Security man looks at the souvenirs and says he's going to have to ask HIS supervisor about them. So, we stand and wait.

Nope. Can't take them on the plane. I CAN go ask for my luggage to be pulled and put them there.

So, I traipse back UP to the ticketing agents who tell me my best bet is to go to baggage claim to have my bag pulled.

So, I traipse DOWN to baggage claim and tell my tale. The nice man there decides that the best bet is to put my souvenirs in a box, check the box and pick it up once in Peoria. Cool. He doesn't even charge me the additional $15 for an extra checked item.

So, I traipse back UP to the ticket counter and back DOWN the other side to security. But all is well. The boys' souvenirs will make their way to Peoria.


What could I possible have purchased my children that would cause such a ruckus?

The best, though, was when the security lady noticed my book. She asked me what it was about...I said "It's a murder mystery about a lady who goes on a killing spree on an airplane with a slingshot."

Thank goodness they had a sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Now THAT was brave! You must have a lot of good karma built up to tempt fate trying to joke with TSA minions! Glad you made it out of there without a cavity search.

Rixblix said...

Yeah, I kinda realized after I made the comment that it could have gone downhill quickly. But like I said, those folks at Denver airport were pretty cool.