Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Didn't McCain "Tap" Me?

By rights, I'm ALMOST as qualified to be Vice President of the United States as Ms. Sarah Palin.

I, too, was President of my childrens' PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization). Not only was I President of the PTO, I took over the presidency when the PTO had NO BY-LAWS!

As the parent of a Kindergartner, I was eager to be involved in my kid's school. I went to a couple PTO meetings and was shocked at what I saw. I queried the "governing body" of the PTO regarding certain practices and found that there were no rules.

I saw problems with the PTO and ran as a "write in" candidate. Unfortunately, the folks who were running the PTO at the time had no provision for a write-in candidate. I won anyway.

It just so happened that my tenure as president of the PTO coincided with the hiring of a new Principal. He too was shocked to find that the Parent/Teacher organization (an organization that was fund raising in the amount of more than $20K) had no by-laws in place.

I was a MAVERICK in my local school! There was some corruption that had come to light prior to my tenure as the President.

I found out that the lady who was the Vice President of the PTO when the previous malfeasance took place was, herself, perpetrating crimes hither and tither in the Oshkosh, WI community.

I will concede that stuff that happens within the in Oshkosh PTO was really important because Oshkosh, WI is just about as close to the UP of Michigan as Alaska is to Russia.


Anonymous said...

Palin is more qualified than you to be VP. And you are more qualified than Obama. Seriously, I would rather you have as President than Obama.

Anonymous said...

That's unjustifiably harsh I think. If you really read all my posts and comments, you might find that I am rather multi-faceted.

Rixblix said...

Sorry, IDNKM, it was mean. I removed it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I suggest just deleting all the comments related to that exchange.

Conniesue said...

I will be so glad when the election is over. I have to admit I am a democrat but try to keep my views to myself, something I am not always too good at but I try. I wanted to tell you I have moved my blog and hope that you will visit me sometime.

Ms. PH said...

Sorry, Rixie . . . you weren't a beauty queen so, therefore, not as qualified as Palin in the republicans' book. So sad, but true.

And that is one of the very reasons I lerv you!