Monday, September 15, 2008

Can I Get a Do-Over?

I think that a new rule should be that people who are sick over a weekend get a do over once they are better.

Rotten students at my school have passed around a nasty virus...I need to do a hygiene unit. And it seems like teachers get hit twice as hard. Bleh.

Not only was I sick, but Mr. Rix decided that we should switch from Cable to satellite. And our installer guy showed up at 8 AM Saturday morning. Great. Finally a morning to stay in bed sick and I gotta get up at the ass crack of dawn.

And it rained. For 4 days. FOUR DAYS! Mr. Rix and his new friend went fishing on Thursday started raining while they were bonding and didn't stop until Sunday night.

So, to good news is that I was inside sick and didn't miss out on a great weekend or anythig.

The bad news is that my kids were inside sharing the day with me, instead of outside playing with friends.

The other bad news is that I had no clue how to find a G-D thing on the t.v. to watch because in my cold medicine induced stupor I had a hard time working the new remote. It would have been a perfect weekend to watch the crappy reality t.v. shows I'd taped through the week. Except my husband had my dvr unhooked so we could connect the satellite dvr.

No problem, I'll just find crappy reality t.v. to watch via the OnDemand feature of our new satellite set up!

Uh. No. The OnDemand feature requires that the satellite receiver be hooked up to our internet connection to download the OnDemand stuff. Hmmmm. "The Lady" that Mr. Rix talked to on the phone when he ordered our new service sorta failed to mention THAT part.

And the internet connection is way over THERE (I'm pointing to one side of the room) but our TV and receiver are way over HERE (now I'm pointing right over in that corner).

As you can see, I really should get a do over.

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Anonymous said...

If you can't run an ethernet cable over to your DVR, but you have a wireless network, you should be able to connect a wireless adapter to the DVR and get your internet connection to it that way.

Even after 2 1/2 years I am still putting off running a phone line over to where our satellite DVR is. Instead I keep incurring an additional monthly charge.