Sunday, June 8, 2008

What I Meant to Say was....

Sometimes what I say isn't really what I mean.

Like, one time, when Mr. Rix and I were dating he asked me how I could remember something.

I replied with:

"I have a mind like a trap door."

So, now that's pretty much a mainstay on our house. "Don't worry boys, your mother has a mind like a trap door."

Real funny.

Today Mr. Rix and I were trying to decide if we should by 18 bottles of a frosty cool beverage, a 12 pack of cans of said beverage or 30 of those cans.

I said, "Oh, go ahead and get 30, I'm planning on cutting down, anyway."

If WTF had a facial expression, it would be what I saw on his face at that moment.


Anonymous said...


Rixblix said...

Somehow I'd moved 4 steps beyond the conversation we were having and vocalized something I was thinking in my head. WTF? Shit, I dunno. Made sense at the time.