Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Days

It's just a joy.

The planets align. The stars twinkle and everything just seems to be peaceful and joyful.

We went to the pool and finally bought our season passes. We met a good friend and her girls there...and I'm always so pleased that my boys treat the young ladies they meet so nicely. I've never, ever allowed the whole "ewwwww, girls" thing. We have dear, dear friends whose daughter is close in age to #1. They've been friends since birth. Sure they've had their share of fussing, but the whole girl/boy thing just isn't accepted.

My boys and her girls got along very well. They've got similar personalities and it's just nice to see our kids interact with kindness and fun towards one another.

We visited and chatted and commented on how skimpy the teenage girls bathing suits are and had a great time.

I have a good life. Good friends. A wonderful family.

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