Friday, June 20, 2008

Open Letter - Dear You Know Who:

Just who do you think you are? It's the internet. It's not a "real" place. You're a playground monitor in Cyberspace. Most of the people playing on the playground don't use their real names. You don't really have any power. You're a bully and you take yourself way to seriously.

You've called me out and used my full name, place of residence, and job in an effort to embarrass me and disparage me, SEVERAL TIMES. You swore at me and like some Jr. High School girl, said something nasty about a part of my anatomy. How old are you? 12? And you fancy yourself as some kind of civic leader? Gimme a break.

Once I even called you to suggest some sort of detente but you hung up on me. And then you had your mate phone me, threaten me, and hang up on me. I called back just to make sure he knew what you'd been up to; to explain that, in fact, you were using my name, profession and residence in a open forum. Oh, and the phone call was at 8:22 in the evening. That's not "late night" and it's not even close to harassment. So, you can just quit crying wolf on that one, lady. I've got the phone records and the truth to back it up. You can't just make stuff up.

Guess what? You think I'm following you around and making snide comments about you on the "internets?" Honey, it ain't me. Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who have "your number". They've got you figured out and they are also sick of your crap. Talking about your drinking proclivities in public is bad form especially if you want folks to take you seriously. Again, this isn't Jr. High.

So, get over yourself, grow up, and start behaving in a way that's appropriate for a woman of your age.