Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Friends....Maybe

So, I've taken the advice of a few friends and actually made some move to meet new people! It's a scary thing.

'Tearch and I got together and took the kids to Lakeside Lakeview Museum to check out the Grossology exhibit.

She came by the house early and the kids hung out, played Wii and had a great time. Ms. 'Tearch had a previous engagement at the PJStar that only took a second or two so the kids and I went exploring down by the old Peoria Water Works building near the river.

My husband has often wondered if there was a place to fish down there.

I took a few pictures:

The kids got along famously and I think 'Tearch is pretty freakin' cool! (And I think our SO's would probably get along pretty well, too.)

It was a great day. Until we pulled into my drive way and my 10 year old said "Hey Mom, look down your shirt and spell ATTIC."

Just do it.

Yeah. That's how we make new friends around here.


Anonymous said...

Well, did you do it? I bet ya did, ya goof! :)~

Rixblix said...

Of course I did. You're telling me you wouldn't have fallen for that?

My Flock Rocks! said...

I had to look down my shirt and spell it...I think I saw the basement though ~

Katie said...

Bwahahaha!! Flam, you kill me!!

The ATTIC moment and the "Ejector Head Action" Marie Antoinette doll were the two best parts of the trip.

Clay has already started bugging me about the next time we can see you.

Thank you, Rix! We had a great time!!