Saturday, April 5, 2008

What was THAT?

I have no idea who hijacked my blog and started ranting and raving. We'll just call her Sybil...Sybil Unrest.

We watched "I am Legend" yesterday for our "Friday Fun-Day" at school. We try to do something fun with students on Fridays. The weather has been crappy so we haven't been able to get outside.

They've been ornery lately and it's been a challenge to want to do anything "fun" with them. But I've been ornery too. Was I ornery because THEY were or vice versa? Who knows. My day does go much better when I try to stay positive. Maybe that's why Friday was a better day. My alter ego swore up a blue streak, did a little therapeutic writing and now we're all filled with peace and love again.

Oh, and I did hit the CVS drive through for the happy pills.


Ramble On said...

Glad you got the rant out of your system and the happy pills in your system!!! Hope you are feeling better about your corner of the world now.

Jimi said...

But Sybil speaks to me, don't let her go! :)