Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gettin' Fucked in the Drive-Thru

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.

I grew up thinking that if I lived my life like a good person, my life would be golden.

"The meek shall inherit the earth"

Yeah, if you're cool with the earth being a big pile of shit. I think the person who wrote that was "The Man". Nah, I'm sure Matthew had the right idea except he didn't have any clue what The Earth would be like 2000 years later.

How about this?

Work hard, get a degree, be a good person. Teach your kids to be good people. Try not to break the law. Pay your taxes, open doors for old people. Give up your seat to a pregnant woman. Toss a coin to a homeless person. Live your life with a kind heart.

You know who benefits? The rich fuckers who are stomping on your head on their way up. Hey? Life's not working so good for you? You must not be trying hard enough.

You know what? It's really fucking easy for Oprah or Bill Gates to tell us that shit because they actually DO have more money than god. Wow, Oprah, you're so right! Fill my spirit, follow my bliss...sorry, girl, but FUCK YOU!

I'd be really cool with following my bliss if I could afford the fucking gas it would take to get there! I could spend hours opening my god damned heart and soul to the downtrodden if I didn't have to WORK MY ASS OFF to pay my mortgage! Let's see, I'll meditate on my life's REAL purpose in between laundry, my kids' homework and figuring out if I can retire or if I'll have to be a Wal-Mart greeter when I'm 85.

Hey, how about the notion that we will get back twice as much as we give? Well, douchebag, my husband is still working 2nd shift taking care of sick people and gets about 45 minutes a day with his children during the week while he goes off to work so that we can afford the medicine that KEEPS THEM ALIVE!

Me, well, I love my job. Who wouldn't love being called a fucker and bitch each day? And I have the good fortune of making $14.00 an hour to boot! But it's fulfilling. I mean, people tell me ALL THE TIME that I should pat myself on the back for working with "troubled kids". Folks tell me to my face how what I do is so special and only special people have "the gift" for working with "those kids". know who has "the gift" for working with "those kids"? Schmucks like me who have to listen to their neighbors and friends bitch and moan about their property taxes and how sucky public schools are. You know what? FUCK YOU! Don't look me in the face and tell me (and my co-workers) that we're doing "God's Work" in the classroom while you bitch and moan over the .005% tax increase to fund your school district's capital improvement project. Hey, dickhead, you think it sucks that your office building has turned your air conditioner up to 70 degrees instead of your comfie cozy 68 this summer? Try teaching a bunch of hungry, over tired, hormonal 14 year old boys how to multiply fractions in 90 degree heat.

My husband is wondering if my cranky mood has anything to do with the fact that I haven't picked up my antidepressent this week.

Makes me wonder what would've happened if Thomas Paine was on Zoloft. Maybe the Bolsheviks just needed a good SSRI.


Ramble On said...

Please pick up those happy pills!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to leave a comment....

postsimian said...


Jimi said...

Gods I love it when you're angry and write!

Katie said...

You forget your meds and write a great post. I forget my meds and get my arm stuck in a car window. I think I should switch to what you're taking!

Farmer's wife said...

I thought I had a long week!

Love YA!