Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Mother's Love

"JESUS....You HAVE GOT to do SOMETHING about that SNORING"

Those were the words I awoke to after the "Night of the Ping Pong Debaucle". I'd gotten to bed at 12:30 after the ER visit.

#2 woke up in pain at 3AM and needed Tylenol. The numbness had worn off and his foot was throbbing and tickling at the same time. He didn't want to sleep in the bed so we slept together on my folk's couch as he squeezed my hand till the Tylenol kicked in.

But, I guess my snoring must have bothered my mom because that's how she greeted me bright and early Easter morning.

Next thing I knew I heard my husband packing the suitcase in the back bedroom.

He said he heard her and then heard my response (which was something like "Good morning Mom. Happy Easter. No, #2 is fine, we just slept together on the couch after he woke up in pain at 3am. Thanks for asking.") and had a hunch that we might be leaving early.

No wonder I'm such a cold, heartless bitch.

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