Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey-sus Effing Cryst

What is wrong with people?

Everyone I know is sick. Sick sick and sick and tired sick.

And here's a notice, if you're between the ages of 12-18 I know you have problems. But here's a news flash...get over it! Yes, your girls' a beyotch. Yes, your man's a dog. It's fucking March. March sucks. It's the September of this half of the year. What good happens in March? For god's sake...in like a lion and out like a lamb? Being a lion is cool...but a lamb? No one wants to be a lamb.

Christian won Project Runway. He's fierce. He's outta sight. And he rocks that 1984 haircut like a mothah.

Only 3 people went to Sober Living from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and one of them WASN'T the porn star. Hello??? I will say I'm glad that one of the guys going to sober living is the dude who sings that song "Come my lady, come come my lady, be my butterfly"; I mean with lyrics like that, we totally have more to hear from this gentleman.

Coral left the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. WTF? Coral is the bomb. Who are those other young punks, anyway? At least Coral lasted longer than Beth.

Rock of Love 2, hello? At least the girls last season had personalities. I know Bret likes him some stripper booty, but please.

I'm tired of my dogs coming in the house with muddy paws. My cat is puking. My kids have way too much homework. My husband needs to go back to work. And I'm supposed to start 2 online classes next week but I've only gotten a nice form letter in the mail about the first one.

Oh, and my oldest little sister just took her comps for her Masters'. This totally means I must enroll in a Masters' program ASAP.


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