Saturday, November 17, 2007

Henry Rollins

Yes, he's one of my latest obsessions. How can you not be obsessed?

First this:

now this?

That's what I call growing old gracefully.

He's smart. He's funny. He's fuckin' hot. He has a dimple in his chin and I'm nothin' if not a sucker for a butt chin.

I'll bet he'd kick some serious ass if he had to.

The Man and I have been watching Hank (we're tight like that, that's why I call him Hank) on IFC and enjoying it way too much. He has one "regular" guest and one musical guest. Iggy Pop was on a couple weeks back...tonight we watched Rufus Wainwright. His guests run the gamut from John Waters to Don Cheadle. And he always has a monologue/diatribe that is spot on, in my book.

And to think he started as some punk kid in Black Flag.

"I got a six pack with nothin' to do
"I got a six pack and I don't need you"


Katie said...

I see your point...though my taste tends to lean more towards The Rock.

You crack me up!

Jennifer said...

Yes, and I think he actually looks better in the second pic...