Sunday, October 21, 2007

When can I do another poke?


Who would've thought a kid would say that?! "Please Mom, when can I stick another 23g needle in my arm?" Nutty, nutty, nutty. (Maybe not those exact words, but, ya'll know.)

Both mine did today. They are finally getting some of the product enhancements that have been available to F8 patients for a couple years. They are totally digging it! Just goes to show that novelty works when you're tyring keep the kids active and interested in self care.

The R2 kit for BeneFIX IS pretty cool, though. Lots of us in the community advocated strongly for better efficacy and a larger (2000I/u) vial before they rolled out new and fancy goo-gahs. It's cool that now we have both!

The boys have gone from port pokes to arm pokes to self infusion. I'm just happy that they can get excited over something like a product enhancement! I wonder if the older guys in the community feel/felt the same way.

Oh hey....I guess I'll just ask them in a couple weeks in ORLANDO!! Woo-Hooo!


survivor said...

I've been using the new stuff for a while now, and yes, it's pretty cool. My volume went down from 60 to 25cc's, saving me about 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, I come from an era when bleeds were treated by spending 3 weeks in the hospital, so the huge improvements were made a long time ago. Going from 3 weeks to 30 minutes is life changing. Going from 30 minutes to 20 minutes is nice.

See you in Orlando!

Exblick said...

Hey Survivor! The decrease in volume ROCKS! We worked on getting that 2000u vial for a long time.

I just poked #1 myself for the first time in ages since he self infuses and using that nifty R2 kit was pretty cool! I like that there aren't any bubbles in the vial and that you don't have rotate the spike to get every drop out.