Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our friendly National Hemophilia Advocacy Group

What's with all the freaking ads and postcards and other annoying crap that has made Hemaware almost completely impossible to read? Enough already. The companies have our money, do they need to mess up our magazine, too?

I tried to read the "magazine" and could hardly stand it. I really think the National Hemophilia Foundation should start putting some restrictions on the kinds of ads, postcards and other ridiculosity that is found in that magazine.

I get it that the magazine costs money to print but I'd be happy to give up a few glossy pages and pretty layouts in order just to be able to read the damn thing without tearing all the crap out before hand.


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mama o' the matrices said...

Okay, so I have an obvious bias here, but I remember a time before I had to rip out all of the stuck-on cards and doodahs to read HemAware. (And a time before I realized that lots of adhesives contain corn - an added bonus.)

The NHF has handed the magazine too far over to the glossy, write-em-up crew. Time to yank it back into line - or bring back Hemalog!