Friday, July 13, 2007

Off They Go

The boys are off to camp. We take #2 up on Sunday, pick him up on Thursday, drop #2 off on the following Saturday and pick him up again a week later. Of course their camp is 5 a hour drive from our home so it's an undertaking.

But well worth it. Not so much because it's a bleeding disorders camp, but just the camp experience. The boys are glad to have each other. They don't have the isolation that so many of the kids experience. They don't live with being the "only one". They do love the camp. It's in Northern Michigan....Camp Bold Eagle. And it's absolutely beautiful! The camp itself looks like a photograph of the perfect sleep away-camp. Think Parent-Trap. Complete with cabins, mess hall, crystal clear lake and all!

This is the boys' 3rd year and the 1st year that they will be attending different sessions. It should be interesting. #1 could have started camp a couple years sooner, but he didn't want to go without #2. Now, #2 could care less if his big brother is around. He's far more adventurous!

When we tell people about the boys going to this camp and that it's a Bleeding Disorders Camp I always feel like that overshadows the experience. It's not like each and every moment is hemophilia themed. What it means is that if any of the campers have bleeding related issues, staff is trained and ready to respond. It also means that the campers learn more about their bodies and what their bleeding disorder means for them. Many of the campers stretch their wings and try out things that they might not get to try (or be allowed to try) at home.

My boys self infuse. They are smart about their bleeding disorder. Their activities aren't limited by their hemophilia. What could they possibly learn at camp? They meet older boys with hemophilia. They set a great example for the younger kids and they come away with a very strong sense of self worth. They always say that they feel lucky because their bleeding disorder isn't so bad.

I wouldn't mind a camp just for me, come to think of it!


Dan Bond said...

I'm off tomorrow to be a counselor at hemophilia camp in Texas. I'm 53, severe F9. This will be my second year. Last year there were 4 counselors and 8 kids in the cabin. We managed to not lose any of them.

I'm sure your boys will have a great time.

Exblick said...

Hi did you find me?

bleederboy said...

I did a google blog search for hemophilia camp.

Just got back on Saturday. Great camp: no lost kids, no unscheduled medical procedures, kids had fun, I'm pooped.

Severe 8 and 4 H'er...HIV, HEMO, HEP C and HEALTH!!! said...

Just read your blog about camp, you live in Illinois? There is an adult Hemophilia camp in Missouri, every year around labor day. I know that is a tough time of year for teachers, my wife is Spec. Ed. teacher, but its been told to me that this is a good camp. Unfortunately I did not find out about it when I lived in Illinois and St. Louis, it was when I moved home to Las Vegas that I started hearing about it. Contact Adult HTC in St. Louis, Judy Bogato, I believe she has info on the camp. She is HTC Nurse there in STL.