Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Numero Uno

I thought about blogging for a while. But didn't really think I had anything to say. Or anything to say that anyone would read. I've always journaled paper and pen style. Now that I type way faster than I can write blogging seems like a way to keep journaling, just quick-like.

We'll see.

What's a Girl-Bleeder? Bleeder is a term used to describe folks who are "free-bleeders", hemos, hemophiliacs...etc. Usually one would call me a carrier and a symptomatic carrier at that. Whatever. I didn't know I "WAS" any of those things until #1 son was born and subsequently diagnosed with severe hemophilia.

Flash to the Talking Heads..."How did I get here?".

Yeah, seems I'm the mutant. I carry the gene that causes our type of hemophilia on one of my lovely X chromosomes and then passed that beauty on to my kids.

Oh well. Finally an explanation for my god-awful heavy periods, bruising, pink toothbrush, etc.

Anyway. That's why I'm a girl bleeder.

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