Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear 20 Year Old Me

Oh honey. You have no idea.

Embrace that bangin' body. You're not going to be able to hold tight at 115 for much longer. You're in for a bunch 'o curves here in the next few years and it's just best not to fight it. Stand in front of a mirror and love the body you have. Learn to exercise and learn to love it. Discipline, baby, discipline.

That mouth of yours? It's still going to get you in a heap of trouble. Either thicken your skin or learn to zip your lip. You just can't have it both ways...I know you. Your best bet is to toughen up that skin. At least learn to not let things simmer.

Men. Oh men. I know you got into the game later than a lot of your peers. Girl, you should always go with your gut. 100% go with your gut. Sweet talker? Too good to be real? Absolutely, run, run. And you did real good with the pool cue...he had it coming. You will fall in real love. Let yourself do that. Take in the nice boys...let them treat you well. You're worth loving and worth being spoiled now and then.

You are stronger than you could ever possibly imagine. All the things you'll have to face on your "outside" will seem so small compared to the crap in your own head. But you'll win. You won't do it alone and it would be really great if you didn't try to do it on your own...reach out and ask for help sooner rather than later.

This life you have before you will be amazing. It's going to take just about everything you have and you'll feel like quitting but let it play out. It's really worth the ride.

Your 41 year old self.


Polyhymnia said...

This reads like poetry to me. Poignant and funny and rich all at the same time... great writing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just like you.