Monday, February 15, 2010

Saga Part 2

I saw my new doctor today. I shared with her my concerns and asked her to look through the test results I've already had.

She told me I have Hashimoto's Disease. The Thyroid antibody test my other doctor did wasn't just high, it was REALLY high. She doubled my thyroid medicine and told me I wasn't crazy.

As I shared things with her, she filled in my medical history on my chart. It seems my previous doctor hadn't done that. In fact, I was listed as being a carrier of Hemophilia A (it's Hemophilia B) and no mention of my having two kids with severe hemophilia B.

Also, no mention in my history that my mother, aunt and younger sister also have Hashimoto's.

Clearly my previous doctor was not really doing her job.

On the other hand, I enjoyed meeting Dr. Ortiz and look forward to seeing her again in 8 weeks when I'll have my TSH done again.

I only wish I would've listened to my husband and changed doctors two years ago.

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Interested said...

This is an interesting story. Did your sister and aunt get the proper treatment for Hashimoto's?