Tuesday, December 22, 2009


12 months.



I've disengaged from 2 women I had previously considered very close friends.

Each loss threw me for a loop...I invested more in the relationship than was reciprocated.

Each blunder reminds me to be grateful for the love and support I have under my own roof.

And, I hate to admit it, I should never be willing to give more than I'm willing to lose.


Dave said...

Unconditional love stops and starts with children and parent, I think.

conniesue said...

They way I have learned to deal with all of life's little lemons is what have I learned from this?
Dating at my age, have to let crap roll right off your back and move forward.

Rixblix said...

Sometimes I forget to remember that I don't really like people.

Anonymous said...

I,having the same inquisitive mind as you, am wondering who you were refering to. I also note you removed the final comment. Interesting as it was!

Katie said...

This year was certainly something, wasn't it? Looking forward to a better 2010!!