Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Loud People

As much as I enjoy eavesdropping, it's hardly fun when you're yelling to your friend. I enjoyed you, Mr. Famous Footwear Manager telling your employee about how much soap to put in the bucket when mopping the back room. I also liked the comparisons you made between the tile on the "showroom" floor to the tile in the back room. Thanks. I feel like I really got to know you better.

"Funny" Guy at Kroger, you are very charming and witty. We all know that because of how loudly you told all your cute and funny jokes to your girlfriend. It was very charming and now we all know how lucky that lady is to have you!

Cute Cellphone Girls at the Mall, you...much like "Funny" Guy at Kroger...are clearly very cute and funny. I know this because as you walk slowly through the mall, you twirl your hair and talk really cute baby talk on the cell phone.


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