Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From the Trenches

I gotta start writing this shit down before I forget it.

So, today's gems....

Today there was lengthy conversation between our Student Body and our Fearless Administrator. She outlined a few new rules. One of them being that the staff coffee pot is off-limits to students. No more making hot chocolate or Ramen noodles in the coffee pot. Three hours later one of our little peaches MADE RAMEN NOODLES IN THE COFFEE POT. When confronted with the error of his ways, he threw a temper tantrum. He called his dad. Then he tried to SWITCH Ramen Noodle preparation vessels. When our Administrator took the whole shebang away from him (by this time, lunch was over) he threw the lid to the coffee pot across the room. The noodles were transferred to a zip-top bag for later.

However, now we can't find the coffee carafe. The little fucker hid it somewhere in the building.

Also during that same conversation, a few select students learned that they were perilously close to being dropped from the program for gross insubordination, lack of effort and sundry other offenses. Of course, the students in question were aghast at the suggestion they were anything less than shining stars.

One lad was so upset at the suggestion he wasn't trying hard to succeed that he left the room with a jolly "Suck My Dick"! (I can see that we have mistakenly characterized his efforts.)

Another fellow was similarly upset. He proceeded to rant and rave all during lunch break. I made the observation that perhaps this was an opportunity for him to re-evaluate his behavior and make some changes. He vehemently disagreed....he proclaimed that everyone loves him, he's popular and his life is going just fine. I had to disagree with the "my life is great" assumption given that this young man is currently on house arrest and is adorned with an ankle bracelet AND attending the expelled kid's school!

Another day, another buck fifty.


Themis said...

I truly know the 'Another day, another buck fifty' and putting up with all the crapola! Hang in there, don't let the bastards get ya down.

Mary said...

OK, maybe serving in Disneyland doesn't sound like a bad plan. Just kidding.

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Do the actors on Unsolved Mysteries ever get arrested because they look just like the criminal they are playing?

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