Saturday, July 4, 2009


Palin resigned. Thank goodness.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that this election cycle saw two women in the fray. And I'm hardly an objective observer of what happens in the GOP; I'm a staunch liberal. Having a woman as a VP candidate was awesome...just not HER. I know lots of conservative women and Palin hardly represents them. I think her rise was a huge slap in the face to other strong female conservatives. Hello? Olympia Snow? Marilyn Musgrave? Lynn Jenkins? C'mon. Sarah Palin is the best they could toss out there?

Hardly. And people saw through the ruse. Sarah's a cute, folksy, evangelical christain politician. The good ole boys of the GOP saw an opportunity to pander to hard core conservatives and ran with it. As much as I hate to admit it, I'd have voted for Elizabeth Dole (despite her reign of incompetence at the Red Cross) before Palin.

But now she's gone. And people are wringing their hands because the "liberal" media was so hard on her. Again...HELLO? Any candidate is going to be put through the ringer. doesn't matter. If you wanna play in the big leagues, you sure as hell should be ready to handle every pitch thrown your way (see...I can use sports metaphors just like Sarah!) The media sure has had a field day with her, but that's only because there's just SO MUCH to dig up!

Hillary Clinton not only withstood the scrunity of eight years as First Lady but she's also survived being a senator and the number 2 contendor for the Democratic nomination...lover or hate her, she's got more balls that many of her male collegues.

I have been especially troubled by her behavior regarding her special needs child. Anyone who's raised a kid with special needs knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about, too.

Bleh. Goodbye...doncha know? We hardly knew ya.


Carey said...

And the election obsession with her was so bizarre to me. Really? Seriously? THAT one? Like you said, there were so many other qualified female candidates. The idea that Hillary-aligned voters would throw their votes to Palin just because she's a woman was fairly laughable.

I mean, I guess that I kind of get the attraction though. Her "lil ol' me, you can trust me" rhetoric and malleable accents are dead-on. But she's all style and no substance. The SNL skit of her and Hillary Clinton? Classic. And also dead-on.

Ahhh, Palin. My biggest hope with this resignation is that it's not a fake-out, something that would allow her to say later that she'd been persuaded to run for President despite her distaste for the political realm.

Because, really. I, too, am ready to say goodbye. :)

Rix said...

Thanks for commenting, Carey. When I heard that McCain had picked a chick? I thought "Oh shit." I totally thought he was gonna go balls to the walls.

I'll admit that I'm a liberal who would've considered a Powell/Clinton ticket or McCain/Powell ticket at some point. Personally? I wanted Clinton/Edwards...

When we finally got to meet Ms. Palin? What a joke. GOP women should have been offended. When you have women like Coulter and Malkin running your game and then you throw up Palin? Good grief. Far greater women exist within the Republican party...

EmergePeoria said...

It ain't over just yet folks.

She has so much ego, I think she got tierd of hearing about Michael Jackson and decided it was her turn with a news cycle.

Michael said...

Give the misconduct, fraud and embezzlement charges a chance to go away and she will attempt a "comeback". It is just too hot in the kitchen right now.

Lancer said...

If anyone thinks this power hungry individual is just going to fade away needs a good slap to the back of their head. The immortal words "You ain't seen nothing yet" comes to mind. Ms. Palin will be in the news for months(years) to come, sadly.