Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Last weekend my sister-in-law had a surprise 30th birthday party for my little brother.

They've only been married for a few years so I guess she wasn't fully aware of how horribly rotten we all are about surprises. I'm, find my Christmas presents bad. Like, slip the tape off the wrapped presents and peek bad.

But as bad as I am? My brother is 10 times worse. And of course, we know this about him, but we didn't have the heart to tell our sister-in-law.

So, the task was for us to get my brother out of his house and to my parents house an hour away under the guise of coming to see me and my kids and help my dad with some sort of task.

But we weren't sure how we were going to orchestrate the whole thing. We just knew we had to get him out of HIS house by 4 PM, keep him at my parents house for a few hours and then get him BACK to his house by 8. And he called after my nephew woke up from his nap and told us that the baby had a fever.

Then my sister-in-law called from, I think, her bathroom whispering "He's not going to leave!" And my sister called saying she had the flu and was puking. Then my mom almost set the house on fire...the potholder caught on fire which, in turn, lit the cute little wicker basket she keeps stuff in right next to the gas stove.

Then we finally DID get my brother to come over to help my dad haul bales of hay to the garden. Except when my brother asked my dad if he was ready to move said bales my dad said:

"I'm not moving that hay TONIGHT. It's COLD out."

But it was o.k., because my mom gave him "The Look" to which my dad responded:

"Oh hell, I guess I need to move those bales."

But it was all o.k. Or so we thought...I guess he suspected something because at some point my brother said to my son "Do they think I'm stupid?"

So I decided to ride back to his house with him to celebrate with my other sister *wink* *wink* and it's all good.

We walk in and he's surprised and all his friends were was a great party.

My sister and I asked him if he had any idea and he says:

"Well, I knew SOMETHING was up. I though maybe she bought me a big screen t.v......but this is good too."

So, my sister-in-law gets lots of points for pulling it off, but the first thing SHE said once we got there was "I'm never doing this again."

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Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh I soo suck at suprises too, secrets in general I am bad at. I threw a 21st b-day party for my best friends many moons ago and we had a make stripper coming so only girls were invited. After dinner she asked me on our way to the bar to see the stripper why my boyfriend at the time haden't come or why anybody's husbands/boyfriends hadent been there. To which I replied "Well why would they want to come and see a guy strip?" Doh! ; ) Glad it was a good time, even though the big screen tv probably would have been easier!