Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He Was Right

A good friend recently expressed some mild dissatisfaction about people who write checks at the store.

His voice was ringing in my ear while at the grocery store today.

My plan was to go right after school so as to avoid the rush. Not so much on the avoiding the rush.

But I found everything and as I was waiting in line, I wrote out my check with everything but the dollar amount lest the folks behind me share the opinion of Mr. Malaise.

Then it happens. Cashier lady inserts my check so it can be stamped or whatever in the slidy-inny-outy thing.

And my check disappears. It's just gone.

The cashier looks everywhere, lifts the lid, looks on the ground...looks everywhere. No check.

Then she looks at me and asks me if it's in my purse. Um yeah. I'm really Mrs. David Blain and made the check fly back in my purse.

Meanwhile, there's a lady behind me in line and the cashier asks HER if she saw the check. No, lady behind me isn't Criss Angel...SHE didn't have the check either. The old man behind HER in line is starting to get pissy because his peppermint ice cream is melting.

Cashier lady calls head cashier lady over. Still no check. She showed up with canned duster (I was waiting for her to pull an Intervention-Duster-Huffer-Lady thing but she didn't) she sprayed that in the machine. My check still didn't appear.

It was very perplexing.

Finally, my receipt was retrieved. I let them know that I was going to leave...they had my check, my work was done.

I got a call 2 hours later that they'd found my check in the machine but it was mangled. Could I come write another one? And, for my trouble, there would be a $10 gift card waiting for me.


So, I went over, wrote a new check, grabbed my gift card and some beer and went to check out.

Except the gift card didn't work. So 14 cashier/manager type people had to come over. And the bag boy gave some input, too.

Then the big question. Would I mind writing a check and they'd just give me $10.00??

Yeah, like I was going to fall for THAT again.


Katie said...

Wow...That's a whole lot of special!

Secret Server said...

That is crazy. Just so you know, I too write old fashioned checks at the store. You are not alone. Maybe there is some mass freakish grocery equipment malfunction going on. Today I was at the store and something that was $2.39 rang up for $200.39.

EMERGE said...

So, you left the beer huh?

Rixblix said...

No, I just waited for the 14 cashier/managers and the bag boy to figure it out. Leave the beer? My husband would never have forgiven me!

Cory said...



Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Om my God! Was I standing behind you? Bacuase I swear I am a jinx when it comes to that stuff. It's never me (knock on wood) but always the people in front of me. : )Glad you at least got to have some beer! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jennifer said...

Hey, I bought peppermint ice cream yesterday too. (Like the old guy)

I still can't believe she asked you about the check, maybe you have the look of a con artist? Next thing you'll be knocking on people's doors, saying you're a nurse, and stealing their prescription drugs.

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

I'm laughing so hard. Of *course* you hung on to the beer. Something had to make this worthwhile!