Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lemme Get this Right

I watched the debate last night. I've watched them all. It's no big secret that I'm very liberal. Mr. IDNKM even wonders why I'd comment on the debates or the candidates since I'm so liberal.

I believe in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Not everyone who votes "the other" way is my enemy,though. I appreciate that my good friend who is a small business owner and a family farmer has interests that are vastly different that my own. And I know that she appreciates that what my family deals with is different from her own. She is respectful in her disagreement and we are both willing to concede that neither of our political beliefs are absolute.

During the debate last night, I participated in and viewed different online "chat" forums. These are basically online conversations. One forum talked about the issues while the other forum wondered out loud if Barack Obama was wearing purple lipstick. I also saw some folks on one forum mock Senator Obama's pronunciation of Pakistan...likening it to a pokeman character. And then there was the comment that Senator Obama has a "peanut head".

The other forum discussed Senator McCain's "stilted" walk. Which, of course, related to his physical disabilities...and those who questioned his mobility were quickly reminded that his physical limitations have nothing to do with his governing abilities.

I don't even know how to end this post but to say that this democratic republic has fallen very, very short of what our founding fathers had hoped for.

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Anonymous said...

After seeing the stuff people were commenting on during the debate, kind of sours you on efforts to get more people to vote doesn't it?

Just from a time expenditure standpoint, I would question whether you should bother watching the debates. Nothing is going to occur during them that is going to change your vote right? So why bother?