Monday, August 25, 2008

Um Yeah.

Wow. I really hate this heat schedule. Teaching Math (even practical 'easy' math) at 7:05 AM is not good for teacher or student, that's for sure.

My freaking crap wagon (as the kids call it) was out of commission for several days, leaving me wheel-less. I went to see the Stone Temple Pilots with a few friends a couple weeks ago and the noise from the Scooby Van was enough to keep us from noticing that our ears were ringing after the show!

So, we took it in. Had it fixed. Brought it home, 2 days later it sounded worse that it did to begin with. So we took it back. And had to wait. Mr. Rix had to work so I was sans vehicle.

No vehicle meant missing out on the party of the season. See, that's how it is around here. We have high-falootin' friends who host parties during the Summer party season. Actually, I think they host parties for any reason.

Having kids and not having a car really interferes with my social calendar.

And now the stupid phone isn't working. We've got a land line through Comcrap and it has decided just to send the calls to voice mail. No ringing, no caller id...the voicemail message light just goes on.

I went to change the voice mail message to tell any would-be callers to call that they should try our cell phone. As I'm recording my new outgoing message, my children decided to scream "POOP" "POOOOOPPPY" "POOOOP" in the background. And someone walked by the front door with a dog, so tiny stupid dog started barking, too.

So, if you call me and I don't answer, just listen to the outgoing message. You'll have a pretty good idea of how my day went.

Oh. And no copier.