Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Final Countdown

The magic copy-machine fairy hasn't shown up yet. Grrr.

We're winding down.

My backyard cave. I planted the morning glories along the side and used an old ladder as a trellis. We garbage picked the cast-iron fire place and use it lots in the fall.

This is the curb shopped fire place up garbage find ever!

That's the view from my swing looking out into the yard.

One of the last peaches from my tree. This is the first year I let it bear fruit. The goofy, wet spring precluded much spraying so a lot of the fruit was lost to the bugs. Next year should be a bumper crop. Once you've had a peach fresh from the tree warmed from the sun, the store bought taste like styrofoam

I had to brace the tree after a recent storm.

I forget how big our backyard is till I stand in the back corner. I'm going to do something about the back...I've found a climbing hydrangea that I think will work. Plus some ferns, solomon's seal, and hostas. Next year.

Now he's content with the riding lawnmower. I don't suppose that's going to last long, though.


My Flock Rocks! said...

the kids can come and mow our back and front know how somebody's elses is so much better!

Love your yard! And you know, the magic copier fairy is on it's way!

Rixblix said...

#1 would love it! Mr. Rix won't let him actually "mow" but he let the boys drive it around the yard as we moved the branches from the big bush/tree we cut down today.

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

we've been eating sun-warm peaches from a tree in our community garden. Ahhh. Tonight we have community peach crumble - oooohh.

I told the Man that if he ever makes me move, I want me an orchard.