Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pseudo-Empty Nest Observations

So, the kids are at camp this week and I'm enjoying my time to myself and with Mr. Rix. But I've noticed a few things in their absence and it's more about where I am or better yet, where Mr. Rix and I are than about the boys.

For example.

Sunday I arrived home from dropping the boys off. Mr. Rix picked out a couple nice steaks, baked potato and green beans. It was lovely. About 20 minutes after that meal, we both decided sleep was in order. And I mean SLEEP, not "sleep".

Monday was a blur. It was quite and lovely and I started watching more back episodes of my new favorite show "Weeds". And the more I watched the show the more I loved it. First, Mary Louise Parker is so pretty. And tiny. And I've loved her since Fried Green Tomatoes when she was Mary Stuart Masterson's BFF. And as I think about those two (who I can't ever tell apart because of the multiple name thing) I'm realizing, "Hey, I think maybe they were more than friends in that movie. And then I think about more parts of the movie and yep, I've been a dope all these years that I thought they were just normal BFFs...not "B"FFs.

Tuesday, well. Yesterday was the kicker. So far. Yesterday we decided to go to Red Lobster for supper. Yeah. I know. It's kind of a joke thing from when we younger. You know, friends would joke about a blind date saying they were going somewhere fancy and it ended up Red Lobster. Well, we were so broke that Red Lobster WAS fine dining. Hence the joke.

So we pull up early...right after Mr. Rix gets off work so we can "beat the rush". We got there at 5:30 and the parking lot was PACKED! Crazy! We looked at each other and said "who knew"? Alas, it was o.k. There is much seating at Red Lobster and we didn't have to wait. But as we were walking in, I noticed an older couple instinctively grab for each others hand as the walked in...and the little old lady was so cute with her white capri pants and t-shirt and cute sandals... and her husband was so cute in his denim jeans and old navy top. Awww. Isn't that cute, they're still in love...I'll bet they're out for an early meal.

And it fucking hits I look down at my cute little capris and my sandals...and shirt. And I look over at Mr. Rix's cute little jean shorts...and old navy shirt.....holy shit. Wow.

After Red Lobster, we hit Target for some shopping. And that was pretty fun. But, again, sleeping (capital letter sleeping, not italics/quotes sleeping) creeped into the discussion. Which lead to how we need new sheets. So, we perused the sheet aisle. Mr. Rix was very into thread count. I was fine with the 400, but he wanted the 600. Until we felt the 400 bamboo stuff and it felt pretty good. (are you seeing a theme?)

So, since it was getting late, we headed home. Not to think we don't rock out or anything, we did stop by Sonic to get slushees and cherry limeades. Cuz that's how we roll.

Well, now it's tonight and I'm making supper listening to that Eddie Money song "Two Tickets to Paradise" and I'm singing along. And it occurs to me...does he mean two tickets to PARADISE or two tickets to "paradise". Then, it hits me. I think that Eddie Money was referring to italics and quotes again. And this just makes me relive how many times I heard that song when I was younger and thought he was talking about Jamaica or something.

The next song was by Fleetwood Mac and I just could not wrap my brain around whether this was from the beginning of F/M when Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were breaking up because they were having troubles or is this from when Stevie was sleeping with John McVie or Mick Fleetwood or whoever...and I pretty much realized that those guys where crunk! They were all messing around with each other! Now, maybe Stevie and Linsdsey were better at innuendo but I think there was some messed up stuff going on!

And you know that show Swingtown or something on t.v.? About the 70s and swingers? With that cute guy who was on Melrose Place? I've been watching THAT too! And it's really got me questioning some of the parties my parents used to go to! My parents friends Sheila and Larry? They had a basement with a bar and beanbags and even a fish tank. We kids used to hang out upstairs while they were downstairs. I thought it was because they liked their music loud. There was also fondue at these parties; according to Swingtown, fondue can very well be a sign of hedonism. What were my parents REALLY doing when they said they were going bowling on Wednesday nights? Where they BOWLING or "bowling"?

I have got to get my children back. There is far too much pondering going on around here.


Patrick Brogan said...

Thanks for the note. After all the build up and anticipation of some down time while Jack is at camp (Carrick gets to be an only child this week), it's kinda boring around here. And all I want to know is did he try to self infuse.

I know what you mean about realizing that the years have slipped by. You'd think getting older wouldn't be such a shock. I suppose after carting these kids around to games, birthdays, etc. who has time to think about getting older.


Vicky said...

Scary watching my kids grow up. I thought I'd be happily waving them down the road. Instead, it has only miserably depressed me.


Jennifer said...

Yesterday my daughter's friend said "Your mom is on myspace!" and Reagan said "My mom has a myspace! My grandma has a myspace!" and they just laughed and laughed... In their minds, if you are old enough to be a parent then you are "old" and thus, "Uncool." Oh, well, we've all been there, done that!
I really love this post, so funny. I must admit, you aren't the only one that is naive!