Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camp Bold Eagle

This says it all. The boys love to watch this and pick out the campers who are still campers and those who have moved on to counselors. The camp was started in 1969. It's worth saying that most, if not all, of the campers from that first year have probably passed away from HIV, Hepatitis or other complications related to living with a bleeding disorder.

(The dedication is to a young man who died as the result of a head bleed).

For my readers and friends who are in a position to provide support to a non-profit, the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan is a fantastic organization. Gifts can be made in the name of campers and/or specific programs. The organization accepts monetary gifts as well as various donations that can be used for auction and other drawings throughout the year.

The fact that we live in Illinois (where there is a 'hemophilia camp' less than an hour away)yet we drive 20 hours round trip to take the boys to and from Camp Bold Eagle says an awful lot about our devotion and dedication to this place.

Camp Bold Eagle.


Lois Grebowski said...

I came over from Breeding Imperfection. Thanks for posting the camp video. I miss those.

I used to work for a provider and miss the camp videos (I'm retired). It's so much fun to watch the kids having a blast! That's what camp is all about.

Can I lurk around here for a while?

Rixblix said...

Make yourself comfortable, Ms. Grebowski! Any friend of my hemo homegirl is a friend of mine!