Saturday, May 3, 2008

#2 in Name Only

And birth order only.

This weekend we are celebrating #2's birthday. He was, actually, born on the 6th but this is his weekend. We seem to have trouble planning an actual "party" for him because the first weekend of May is often a hugely busy time for everyone. It's "opening day" for youth baseball. It also always seems to be the "other parent's" weekend when we are dealing with kids whose parents are divorced. And, for some reason, if it's "your" weekend, parents don't want to let their kids go to another kids birthday party. I don't get that, but whatever.

So, we're going to a movie and dinner and #2's best bud is hanging with us. It's tradition that you get to pick what you want for your birthday meal or pick the restaurant.

#2 has picked Bob Evans. The rest of us kinda shrugged our shoulders on that one. But upon further questions, we learned that #2 has the best hot chocolate. That's why he wants to go there!

I am often surprised at how different my boys are. Funny how DNA remixes itself each time.

#2's birth wasn't as hard as #1's...the birthing part, that is. He was a c-section and also had a head bleed (he's got hemophilia too). His first infusion was about 12 hours after he was born. What was different about this one (#1's first infusion was 4 days after birth) was that my husband and I were the ones who got to infuse him. Once a vein was found (THAT was an ordeal and took an anesthesiologist)we got to give him his medicine. That was pretty powerful. And also made the nurses really nervous.

#2 is my nature boy. He lives for going outside and exploring. He's fearless (almost to a fault). His sense of humor is awesome! He's my "shnuggler" and loves to fall alseep in our bed.

He has an amazing way with animals and loves them all. He says he'd like to be a zoologist when he grows up; but not a zoologist in a "real" zoo, he wants to have an animal sanctuary/rescue farm. I'm constantly telling him to clean his finger nails...he's forever digging in the dirt.

He plays electric guitar and he's pretty darned good at it! He loves 80's music and is more into "electronica" than hard rock.

He's absentminded...there's just so much going on in that head of his that he can't be bothered to remember everything.

He reminds us to not take things too seriously and to stop and smell the roses...or look at a really cool bug.

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My Flock Rocks! said...

Your boys are awesome!
Happy Birthday #2! Enjoy!