Friday, April 11, 2008


I knew this would happen!

#1 came home from school and informed us that he will be 1st chair percussion in Jazz Band 2 (beginning jazz band) next year and 2nd chair percussion in Jazz 1 (advanced Jazz band). This has VERY much caused a change in enthusiasm and the question of whether or no to continue in band is no longer a question. Thank goodness.

That same day, #2 and I were talking about Hemophilia Camp and #1 (if you recall, he previously wanted no part of it) walked in the room and said he was thinking about attending now. I told him that I'd go ahead and send his application in and we'd deal with his decision later.

Now, we can attribute the change in attitude about band to him finding out that his band teacher is giving him his "props" and helping him advance. Whew. He's a really great drummer for someone his age. I'm glad his teacher encouraged him. We would have made him do it anyway.

In terms of camp, we just quit talking about it to him. And I think that leaving that situation alone worked.

All I know is that my kid-free week in July is looking pretty good.


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad things are working out so well. It makes things so much easier when there isn't a battle of wills.

mama o' the matrices said...


The Man played jazz clarinet for years, and it made a real impact. Unfortunately, the ripple effect is that the Eldest loves to haul out the Man's old wind instruments.

My rule: it's okay, with an adult (not me), and behind closed doors. Upstairs. With me in the kitchen, running the fan for some white noise.

Sigh. But it does sound like fun.

Congrats to the kid on getting the spot(s)! Fantastic.